How much does it cost to use the CCE platform?

There are so sign-up fees, no listing fees and no hidden costs to be an Active User of the CCE. The exchange only charges its commission once a deal/transaction has closed for Active Users. 

For View Only Users there is a monthly fee for access to the screen and related data services.

Am I bound to CCE if I become a member?

No, our clients are not bound by exclusivity by any means. We understand that our clients will explore every marketing and sales channel they can for their production. We just ask that clients remove their listings from the CCE platform as soon as it is sold or pending sale elsewhere.  

Does CCE have a claim to future deals with someone I met through the exchange?

CCE only asks that on an existing deal that originated through the exchange, the clients cannot circumvent the exchange on that deal. The exchange is not involved in the companies dealings outside of our services. We aim to provide a value-added service that keeps both parties returning for the price transparency, ease of negotiation, connectivity to low escrow rates (covered by the exchange) and connection to multiple shipping partners. 

How is the Canadian Cannabis Exchange different from other exchanges out there?

Complete Integration - CCE handles everything from trade execution, payment processing, delivery and everything in between - all in one place! We provide a complete negotiation and end to end experience for our clients.

Canada Wide Shipping - CCE's technology and transportation assets allow CCE to execute trades and connect buyers and sellers across Canada as well as internationally in special cases.

Real Time Trading - All prices, trades and bids are executed on a live screen, whereas alternative options on the market hold auction-style sales or simply allow dealers to meet and communicate 1:1 about an agreement. CCE's real time markets allow more price transparency and they more accurately represent the entire market. 

Does CCE work with international deals and clients?

Yes! While the exchange is domestically focused, the market of internationally engaged Canadian producers is growing and the exchange is able to help with EU-GMP and GACP deals across all product types. 

If you have questions that have not been answered by the FAQ, please email us at info@canadiancannabisx.com and we'd be happy to answer them for you!

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